5 needs of every customer!

You have a business. It’s a for-profit business. You’re not a charity.

To keep your business running, you need customers who are willing to open their wallet and pay you for your products or services.

Say a prospect walked into your doors. Unless the five following needs are satisfied, he or she won’t open up their wallets and offer you their money. It’s imperative that you understand these five customer needs and do everything in your power to satisfy them. Miss the boat here and you can kiss your customer goodbye (possibly forever).

The five needs of a customer?

  1. The need to feel welcome.
  2. The need to feel comfortable.
  3. The need to feel important.
  4. The need to feel understood.
  5. The need to feel appreciated.

How you satisfy each of these needs will be unique to your particular business.

You will need to build processes within your business that cover each of these needs and train all your employees with it.

Certain actions should trigger certain procedures. For example, when a customer walks in your door, the ‘Welcome’ process should be triggered by your nearest employee, or, the person who picks up the ringing phone.

Once you have these processes in place, constantly think about their improvement, how can you make them better?

These processes and how effectively they are followed will become the major differentiator between you and your competitors.

Noted poet and activist Maya Angelou once said, “People will forget what you do for them, but they will never forget how you made them feel.” Make your customers feel like the superior beings they are and in response, they will open up their wallets to you.

At Websum, we have these processes in place. If you want a copy of them, contact us using the form below and we will gladly share them with you.

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