Digital Marketing Strategy


There are five moving pieces to a cohesive digital marketing strategy.

  1. A mobile-friendly website
  2. Content creation
  3. Social media networks
  4. Search engine marketing
  5. Email automation

You can build your own digital strategy or, we can help you build one.

Regardless of who builds your digital marketing strategy, below are some objectives you need to ensure are achieved.

The objective

  • Gain critical insights into your marketing
  • Walk away with precise actionable steps
  • Create a complete roadmap for success (for today and the future).

Information Gathering Checklist

To get to where you want, you need to know where you are.

Here’s are some things you need to do to build your own digital strategy.

  • Identify your short-term and long-term business goals
  • Do an in-depth review of your website including mobile-responsiveness, text, layout, graphics and colors.
  • Review and analyze your website traffic
  • Do a thorough review of all your content online
  • Do an in-depth review of your social media activity and analytics
  • Analyze your competition and the keywords bringing them traffic

What to expect?

The information you gather will give you a good picture of where you currently stand. Remember, there is no wrong information you can collect. The only wrong you can do is collect information with a preset outcome in mind. Gather everything you can. Analyze it and then let the information tell you where you stand.

It should tell you:

  • Where your traffic is coming from and how much?
  • How much of your traffic is converting into customers?
  • What sort of content is successful and what content should you create less or none of?
  • What keywords are your gold mine?

Once you have all of this information, it will become the foundation of your digital marketing strategy. You can now build a strong digital marketing strategy for your business. The answer to “what to do next” should be a lot clearer now.

Of course, we can always build one for you, should you like. Just use the contact form below to reach out to us.