Your decision to whether greet or not greet a customer when they walk in, is a marketing decision.

How you greet them, is marketing.

Offering to help or not, is a marketing decision.

The kind of bag you give them to carry their purchases is marketing.

What your website looks like, is marketing.

How easy or difficult your website is to navigate, is marketing.

Your returns process is marketing.

Your customer service is marketing.

What you post on social media is marketing.

In essence, marketing is how customers remember you. And the way they remember you is by how you make them feel.

Marketing is how customers remember you.

If you don’t do anything extraordinary to separate yourself from your competitors, they will remember you just like that … ordinarily.

When you take care to make yourself memorable … you will be the first person to come to their mind, next time they’re in market to buy what you’re selling.

Again, everything is marketing … and you hold the key to it.