Facebook Tracking Pixel: A Quick Overview

If you want to run targeted ads to “Warm” fans, you need to use Facebook Tracking Pixel.

What does Facebook Tracking Pixel do?

As the name suggests, it keeps track of who’s visiting your website.

This builds up a “warm” list of prospects for your books.

Now, you can run targeted book-selling ads on Facebook.

This way, you’re not shooting in the dark and people you advertise to, will more readily buy your books.

Thus increasing your sales to spending (read investing in marketing) ratio.

How can I use Facebook Tracking Pixel?

You login to Facebook and create a tracking pixel using your Author page.

You need to then embed it on your website.

I know it sounds very technical, but your website designer should be able to do this for you. If not, you need a new website designer.

Any other benefits of using this?

Sure! Once Facebook collects some data of people visiting your website, you can now build something called a “Look-Alike” audience on Facebook. This list is much larger than what Facebook tracking pixel collected for you. The “Look Alike” audience is people who fit similar demographics and have similar habits and interests as your core audience. It gives you a much larger set of “Warm” audience, I keep talking about.

Hope this helps. Any questions, please comment below or email at TheBest@Websum.com

To your Success,
Mayur Gudka

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