Jobs of Marketing


Whenever you perform a marketing related activity, you do it with a purpose. It’s important that we be clear on our purpose. What is it that we’re trying to accomplish with this?

In our experience, there are only three jobs of marketing.

  1. Introducing customers to your business or your product.
  2. Creating desire within your customer’s heart and mind.
  3. Capturing real estate in your customer’s mind.

Everything you do falls under one of these job roles.

Writing a blog post? What are you trying to get out of it?

Uploading a social media post? You’re probably trying to capture real estate in customer’s mind.

Do you know why same commercials are repeated on television over and over again, even though you’ve seen them a hundred times before? They’re trying to capture real estate in your mind. So, next time you’re in market for their product or service, the first company you think of is theirs. It’s that simple. Repetition blended with consistency creates magic in marketing.

Try it out. Next time you’re doing something marketing related, ask … what is this activity’s job?