Search Engine Optimization

SEO can be good, bad or ugly.

It all depends on who’s doing it, what their focus is, what methods they’re employing … and lastly, what kind of results they bring.

SEO “Experts” who used black-hat SEO tactics, saw ALL of their traffic disappear overnight when Google released it’s Penguin and Panda updates.

There are SEO “Experts” who solely focus on your website for SEO. That’s so 2005.

There are others SEO “Experts” who don’t focus on your website at all. These are Black Hat Practitioners. Their voodoo will get banned. Think Salem Witch Trials.

And then, there are some who will focus on your website and other content channels across the web and truly optimize them for maximum effectiveness. These are the real SEO Experts. These are who you want on your side.

SEO is not something that can done quickly. It takes a long time.

SEO is also not something that is done once and over. It has to be managed regularly.

Websum has the experience and the manpower needed to not only fix your SEO issues, but to manage them for the long-term.

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