Social Media Management

Social media strategies and tactics are ever changing. This often becomes way too complicated for business owners to keep up. Especially the ones without a large team of their own. That’s where we come in.

We help businesses manage their social media profiles and also help build and execute new strategies and campaigns.

Why should businesses use social media?

Social media is a great asset if used correctly. Unfortunately, majority of the businesses are unsure how to and see it as a giant time suck. That’s not necessarily true. If you use social media properly, here are some things you can achieve through social media for your business.

  • Maintain current customer relationships
  • Build new customer relationships
  • Keep customers abreast of new changes in your business
  • Build customer goodwill
  • Use it as a customer service portal
  • Create flash sales
  • Generate new sales and also create up-sell opportunities
  • Turn your customers into a referral engine

There are a lot of possibilities, as long as one knows how to apply the correct strategies and tactics in relation to their objective.

Using social media without a definite objective in mind, is pointless. This is how majority of businesses use social media. It’s very unfortunate.

In order to make the most of social media:

  • Know what you’re trying to accomplish with each post. Without this critical step, you will be frustrated and eventually give up on the social media potential. When you do things with intent, you get intended results.
  • Be creative and unique when possible. When you do the same things as everyone else does, you will get the same results as everyone else. Want different results? You need to do something different. In other words … be the left in the world of rights.
  • Be willing to experiment with different types of posts and different days and times. In due time, you will figure out what type of post, day and time resonates best with your audience. Take these insights and make the most of it.
  • Be willing to do some targeted paid promotions. It is mind boggling how targeted you can get with social media. Know as much as you can about your customers. Once you have a real good idea of who your ideal customer is, use social media to find them, connect with them and bring them into your inner circle.
  • Refrain from posting things that are of no value to your customers. Your customers place their trust in you, when they like or follow you on social media. Wasting their time with unwarranted junk is neither professional nor ethical. Before posting anything, it’s always best to ask, “Will this post drive my best customer closer to me or away from me?”

At Websum, we care about you and we care about your business. Our success is depended on your success. Social media is a tool you have at your disposal. We can help you make the most of it. Call us at (978) 764-2279, email us at or simply fill the form below.