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4 Reasons to Routinely Test your E-Mail Effectiveness

For far too long have businesses focused on building an email list. And many have successfully created large lists. But, the open rates of emails sent to these lists are dismal often in single digits. Should this be the case? No! Which is why you should be routinely testing your emails and even tweaking it to understand what works and what does not.

There are four primary reasons why you should be doing this.

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Facebook Tracking Pixel: A Quick Overview

If you want to run targeted ads to “Warm” fans, you need to use Facebook Tracking Pixel.

What does Facebook Tracking Pixel do?

As the name suggests, it keeps track of who’s visiting your website.

This builds up a “warm” list of prospects for your books.

Now, you can run targeted book-selling ads on Facebook.

This way, you’re not shooting in the dark and people you advertise to, will more readily buy your books.

Thus increasing your sales to spending (read investing in marketing) ratio.

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