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Do you have a Mobile-Friendly website? If not, Google could be penalizing you.

If you’re not sure use this tool provided by Google to find out.

Mobile-Friendly Website Design Services

At Websum, we consider a mobile-friendly website with fantastic content is a small business owners best friend.

Reasons you need Website Design services

There are only three reasons you would need our website design services.

  1. You don’t have a website yet.
  2. You have an oudated website that’s not generating enough leads or sales for you.
  3. Or, you have large growth plans and your current website won’t serve those plans effectively.

Now that we’ve established why a business should consider getting a new website, let’s briefly talk about some foolish reasons to get a new website.

Reasons you don’t need Website Design services

Now, let me tell you why you should not need website design services.

  1. Simply because you have this urge to get a new look for your website. (This is the worst reason for website design, yet so many people spend money on this exact thing. Really mind boggling.)
  2. You are happy with the sales and leads generated by your website. If your website is doing its job and you’re happy with it, why change it?

Functions of a Mobile-Friendly Website

Your website is an employee. It has a job to do and you should expect it to do properly. Here are some of its job functions.

  1. Generating leads
  2. Providing information
  3. Making sales

Everything on your website should be focused on accomplishing one or more of those things.

Websum’s Website Portfolio

Below are a few samples of websites designed by us.

If you think your website is not working up to its potential, call us at (978) 764-2279. We’d love to speak to you and give you some ideas. After that, if you’d like to work with Websum, we’d be happy to design your website as well.

Find out what prompted us to offer Mobile-Friendly Website Design services.

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