The combination of following three strategies helped Leo J. Maloney sell more than 300,000 books over the past 5 year period.

  1. Online Image Transformation
  2. Regular connection with fans!
  3. Strategic Paid Advertising

Let me expand on each of these points.

Online Image Transformation

When I first met Leo, we had a 30-minute appointment. We ended up spending over 2-hours discussing book marketing. He liked my approach and hired me on spot.

The first thing I did was update his online image … website, social media networks and any other online places where he had a profile (Amazon Author Central, Goodreads,, etc.).

I took his website that looked this …

And transformed it into this …

Next, I rebranded all his social media accounts the look and feel of his various points of online presence (website and the graphics on his social media networks) looked cohesive.

No matter what platform your readers lands on, he or she should immediately know, I’m on the correct author’s site. They should not be left wondering … Is this the right page?

Once the re-branding of his online image was complete, I focused on getting him connected with his core audience.

Regular Connection with Fans!

I asked Leo who his fans were, to give me a general demographic.

He write spy novels, so he naturally assumed his fans would be adult males.

Wrong! His core audience is females aged 45 and above, living in English speaking countries all over the world.

How did I find this?

I installed Analytics on his website. This crucial step gave me intense amounts of information on who was coming to this website, from where, how long they stayed on the site, what pages they browsed, etc.

Do you know who your core fans are? How sure are you?

Later on, I’ll tell you how I used all this information to create custom Ads for his fans.

But, why was it crucial to know who his core fans were?

So, we could strategize how to connect with them on a regular basis.

To connect with fans, we focused on the following ways:

  • Social media
  • Email marketing
  • In-person, live author events and conventions

Social Media

When I first began working with Leo, he had about 50 something fans on Facebook and about 500 something followers on Twitter.

Fast-forward today, and he has almost 7,000 Facebook fans and over 20,000 followers on Twitter.

This happened through diligently posting content – engaging, educational, entertaining and promotional content.

You may be wondering – Why not build presence on Instagram? His core audience does not really use Instagram. Facebook is their primary platform. Twitter comes next.

Email Marketing

Initially, he did not have any list. So, we started his list by writing names of a few people he knew and wouldn’t mind getting his newsletter. In fact, they would be excited to hear from him. But, that list wasn’t earth shattering. We needed more people on the email list.

Next, we leveraged his social events. He carried a pen and paper everywhere he went. He used them to collect names and email addresses of fans. This grew his email list really fast.

Email, in my experience is a great way to connect with fans and to keep them apprised of the happenings in your life.

Live, In-Person Author Events

Leo identified some of the largest conferences in his genre, and began attending them. He got on various panels, which only helped boost his profile.

He also attended smaller local events.

Additionally, he used the press to give interviews right before his books were launching. Local publications were far too eager to feature an author with such prominent success.

Here’s one of his articles from Boston Globe –

Now that his online image was rebranded, and he was regularly connected with his fans, it was time to implement part 3 of the plan.

Strategic Paid Advertising

What I love most about Leo is he thinks about his books with a business mindset.

He understood the importance of paid advertising and wasn’t shy about investing in it. We tested many different kinds of ads and made modifications as social networks began changing their algorithms.

We advertised on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Amazon,, and a few more places. This decision paid massive dividends.


The combination of these three strategies worked like a charm. Book sales went flying through the roof.

As of last quarter, his total book sales have spiked north of 300,000 and they continue climbing. Pretty soon, I may have to modify the title of this document to say 400,000 or even Half-A-Million.

Can you get by executing only one or two of those strategies? Maybe. But magic happens when you implement all three.