Two questions that will improve your marketing


There are two questions we should ask before we do anything in business and in life.

  1. What will this get me?
  2. Does it align with my goals?

If the two answers are not in alignment, don’t do it.

Marketing is no different. I strongly believe in the phrase, when you do things with intent, you get intended results.

Before you execute your next marketing tactic or strategy, ask yourself those two questions. If your answers don’t match, do something else.

A secret tip – Track your results

You may have heard of the old story where a marketer says, 50% of his time, money and efforts are wasted. The trouble is, he simply doesn’t know which 50% so he has to continue doing what he is doing (read … taking shots in the dark). It doesn’t have to be like that today when everything can be tracked.

If the results cannot be tracked, you might want to reconsider doing that piece of marketing.