Two Words that turn Features into Benefits

We all know that in order to sell we need to focus on the benefits, not features.

But, it doesn’t always come naturally. So what do you do then?

There are two words that can help you turn your features into benefits when explaining your product or service to a prospective customers.

The two words? “Which Means”.

Say you’re in a middle of sales presentation. The prospect asks, how does your product or service differentiate from your competitor’s?

If you find yourself describing a future, just add “which means” and then say the benefit.

Here are a few examples:

One of the best things about our software is the one-click financial reports, which means, quick and easy access to financial information. You can get all the information your accounting is chasing you for at a click of a button.

Batteries are included with this toy, which means, the product is ready for use straight out of the box with no hassle and no disappointed children on Christmas morning.

With our airline loyalty program, you get 25,000 bonus air miles, which means, you can take two round trips to anywhere in Europe.

So next time, you find yourself telling features and realize your error, just add “Which means …”.

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