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At Websum, we build visually compelling websites that instantly build credibility and drive conversions. Our team design and develop websites that are Responsive – that provide an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices—whether you’re on a smartphone or a 27 inch computer monitor. We deliver a complete solutions from concept to implementation and every website we produce is made to your exact specifications.

Our Web Design Portfolio

  • Leo J. Maloney – Action Thriller Author
  • Emem Uko – YA Author
  • Eshani Shah – Community Leader and Entrepreneur
  • Mayur Gudka – Entrepreneur, Investor
  • Enjoyable Books
  • The Horse Hair Studio
  • Dellarocco Plumbing and Heating, Inc.

Leo J. Maloney

Leo J. Maloney is an action thriller author of the Dan Morgan Thriller Series. He has eight books to his credit with three more waiting to be published.

When Leo first asked us to work on his website, this is what his website looked like.

As you can see, it was not very pleasant to look at, not easy to read or even mobile-friendly.

Leo is a highly accomplished individual. Here’s a little more info about him.

In the mid 1960’s, while in the military, Leo was recruited to become a deep cover black ops contractor for a clandestine government agency.

While he was serving his country in the secretive world of Black Ops over 30 years, he operated several “cover” businesses including a classic car brokerage, promotions and limousine companies, and a detective agency. After leaving his career in black ops, Leo continued several of his cover businesses, and also had the opportunity to try his hand at acting in independent films and TV commercials.

In his most recent project, Leo began writing, reliving many of his Black Ops experiences and evolving them into his books.

After we re-designed his website, this is what it currently looks like.

You can view the actual website at http://www.leojmaloney.com