Websum’s Story

Websum is a division of Gudka Networks LLC.

Websum Inception

No, our story does not begin 100 years ago. But, the picture above could very well might be a 100 years old.

Approximately, two years ago, Mayur Gudka (our founder), saw a local crafts and arts store going out of business. He approached the store owner and had a conversation with her. Upon inquiring what caused her to close the shop, she cited online competition as a reason. The store was located in a small strip mall.

Upon further inquiry, she admitted the real problem was her inability to bring people in the store.

Online marketing was changing too fast and she couldn’t keep up with the speed. Plus, the cost of hiring a full-time marketer was not in her budget either. Eventually the losses kept mounting and came to a point where she could not see a turn around. It was best, she decided to close the store.

It was at this point, the seeds of Websum were planted.

Deciding Which Services to Offer

Upon research, we found that cost and technical know-how were the largest impediments for small business owners. They didn’t have thousands of disposable dollars to spend on marketing or the technical knowledge necessary to implement the best marketing strategies available.

Everything wonderful in the world starts with “What-if” followed by action of some sort.

So, at Websum, we decided to ask some “what if’s”.

We discovered the social media was a very large pain point for many small businesses. With a fast changing environment, strategies that work today stopped working three-months from now, and strategies that worked last year, were almost bringing in zero results.

What if Websum could help businesses with their social media efforts at a low-affordable cost? This would allow them to spend more time on other aspects of business.

The second thing we discovered was many small businesses had outdated websites. So, we asked a second what-if question.

“What if websites didn’t cost an arm and a leg and still looked good, brought in leads and were search-engine and mobile friendly? Did you know? As of April 2015, Google penalizes websites in their search results if they were not mobile-friendly. This rule alone pushes business owners further back in their online marketing efforts.

This is how Websum came to present its current services of social media marketing and website design.

Okay, a shameless plug here -> If you own an outdated website or need help with online marketing, please call us at (978) 764-2279.

The Need for Websum’s Marketing University

A few months in, we realized there was a need for an educational hub for business owners. Many business owners wanted to do things by themselves but didn’t know how to begin or where to go for information. Google spit so many results for simple queries, it was mind-boggling. Thus, the Marketing University was born.

Marketing University is where business owners and their team members come for best tools, strategies and ideas that are curated from all over the web. This saved time, money and energy for small business owners.

Today, we are happy serving small business owners and helping them grow their businesses while taking some stress of their minds.

You wanted to know the Websum Story, and now you know!