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About Us

Quality Before Scale

In the world filled with Silicon Valley-esque advice of “Move fast and break things”, we do the opposite.

At Websum, we focus on quality before scale. We’re not trying to be a unicorn. We don’t have to move at breakneck speed and incur millions of dollars of losses each year in hopes of getting acquired sometime down the line. Our focus is to own a piece of our customer’s minds and generate profit from day one.

We work with business owners who also subscribe to a similar mindset and business philosophy.

We are driven by values

Quality, Care and Predictability are the three values that dictate all our actions at Websum. When our customers can predict that they will receive quality care and service at every interaction, we automatically earn a piece of real estate in their minds.

These values allow us to become a First Choice Business for our customers.

One of our core principle is “Commitment to Consistency Develops Emotional Stability”.

Super Efficient

We continually strive to find and build efficiency in our processes. This results in increased productivity.

Deeply Committed

It’s the only way to be when your dominant focus is to own a piece of your customer’s mind.

Highly Skilled

Abilities and Management are the two cornerstones of Getting Things Done.