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First Choice Business Game

Let’s play the First Choice Business Game! Rules are simple.

I’ll name a product. You think of a company. You get 1 second to think of the company name.


French Fries
Running Shoes
Razor Blades
Potato Chips

Now take a second and think … why did you think of these exact companies?

Take french fries for example. You can make them at home, buy them frozen at the grocery store and even get them at your local pizza shop. But you didn’t think of any of these. There are many other fast food chains that make french fries. Yet, you thought of one specific company. McDonald’s. Don’t you find that interesting?

You then did the same thing with running shoes, razor blades and potato chips. You thought of Nike, Gillette and Lays. All good companies, sure. But there are ten different companies who makes these exact same products. Yet, these four companies have occupied very valuable real estate in your mind. I wonder why that is. How did they do it?

At Websum, we call these businesses First Choice Businesses. They’re the first business that come to mind when you think of a product or service they sell.

I’d like you to ponder on 3 questions.

#1 – What did these companies do … to get real estate in your brain?
#2 – What can you do … to get prime real estate in YOUR customer’s minds?
#3 – How will your business (and life) change … if you also become a First Choice Business?

At Websum, our sole focus is to help you occupy that prime real estate in your customer’s minds.

Here’s a little secret. Marketing is not about having flashy websites, apps, social media, emails, SEO, blogs, podcasts, videos, or a hundred other things. These things are just tools to accomplish one thing – Answer question #2 from the list above. Every “marketing” action must only be taken once you answer a question – Is this action / idea / dollar / tool going to help me get prime real estate in my customer’s minds?

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“The busyness of activity does not always mean movement towards your desired goal.”

Mayur Gudka

We help you put in the strategies, technologies and processes needed to make this happen, to make you a First Choice Business. Contact us and let’s start a simple conversation. Let’s see where we land.